Add a Timeline

View a PDF for actual theme settings for the timeline shown here. (Please note: some settings may have changed with recent updates).

Timeline One

The cool part of the Basic Build WordPress Theme is that you have many other options available for easily managing more elements and layouts with a few pick and choose options.

Timeline Two

With the Basic Build WordPress theme timeline layout, you can add an image, its ATL tag and choose the color of the corresponding date background and dot.


By using the Basic Build WordPress theme, you don’t have to worry about writing the code. In every section, you can select to choose the layout and style it the way you want.

  1. Select the Additional Options tab.
  2. Select Yes to add additional options.
  3. Select the Add a Timeline checkbox.
  4. Select Yes to Add a Timeline.
  5. Set the top and bottom margin for the timeline wrapper.
  6. Select the vertical bar color for the entire timeline. Color transparency allowed.
  7. For each timeline item:
    1. Type in the ALT tag for the individual image to be used.
    2. Add an image for the timeline.
    3. Type in the content to be used. It displays under the image.
    4. Type in the date to be used for the individual timeline. (Actually, any text can be used here).
    5. Select the color for the dot that shows on the vertical bar. Color transparency allowed.
    6. Select the background color of the text entered above. Color transparency allowed.
    7. Select the color of the text entered above. Color transparency allowed.
  8. Add as many individual timeline boxes as desired.
  9. If desired, you add content after the columns, as seen here. It is basically a second WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
    1. If adding content after the timeline wrapper, set the top and bottom padding for the wrapper.