Add a Horizontal Bar Graph

  1. Select the Additional Options tab.
  2. Select Yes to add additional options.
  3. Select the Add Horizontal Bar Graph checkbox.
  4. Select Yes to Add Horizontal Bar Graph.
  5. Set the top and bottom margin for the Bar Graph wrapper.
  6. Click the Add Bar Graph button in the lower right corner. You can add as many bar graph items as desired. Keep in mind, too many items will make the full chart look crowded.
  7. Give the Bar Graph item a percentage based on a 100% total. This is for the item height on the graph. It is not referring to the width.
  8. Type in a short description for the bar graph item. This displays at the bottom of the individual bar graph item.
  9. Select a color for the bar graph item. Transparency colors allowed.
  10. Select the color for the bar graph item text. Transparency colors allowed.
  11. If desired, you add content after the columns, as seen here. It is basically a second WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
    1. If adding content after the bar graph, set the top and bottom padding for the bar graph wrapper.