Add a Widget Row

BBWP Sidebar 4

With the Basic Build WordPress theme layouts, you can also define a widget background color if desired. If you prefer, leave the setting off so the widgets containers will use the same background color as their parent section.

  1. Select the Additional Options tab.
  2. Select Yes to add additional options.
  3. Select the Add Widget Row checkbox.
  4. Select Yes to Add Widget Row.
  5. Click the Add Widget button in the lower right corner.
  6. Set the widget background color.
  7. Set the top and bottom margin for the widget row wrapper.
  8. You can add up to 4 of the provided widgets. They will be evenly distributed horizontally to the max-width of the container.
    1. Use the drop down menu to select which widget to add.
  9. If desired, you add content after the columns. It is basically a second WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
    1. If adding content after the widget row wrapper, set the top and bottom padding for the wrapper.