About the Basic Build WordPress Theme

(Note: a Full Width Slider is included on this page. It is one of the options available in the BasicBuild WP theme. To see a full range of other layout and styling options, check out the Everything but a Slider page).

My name is Bert Hixson. I have been designing and developing websites since 2010. Specializing in WordPress, I have built 100’s of  WordPress sites through my business at Web Considerations.

I have also worked as a freelancer for other web design agencies and providers, building highly functional, performance-based WordPress websites for businesses such as Kline May, Miura Boiler, and IntoRQ. (While working with Site Care).

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Initially, I would build each WordPress theme from the ground up. Often completely rewriting and incorporating the same features across different website projects. However, with time, I would create code snippets and then save them offline to be used for other website projects. Regardless of the design specification, I could incorporate the saved code without having to rewrite it. I would, however, need to style it to fit the project. While this process does save time, there would still be more work required to make the whole site work properly. I still had to build out the rest of the website since it was only code snippets saved.

I also looked at using Page Builder themes. A page builder is a theme (or plugin) that allows web developers and users to build and design responsive pages with less technical know-how. However, I soon realized; while a page builder may be a tempting time-saving option, in all reality, they are not the best option for optimal development. Page builders create bloated websites, restrict design options, and are not optimal for SEO. Especially website performance!

That in itself is the biggest complaint I have. Just how much slower sites built with page builders are.

Basic Build WordPress Theme

Nobody Likes a Slow Website

The BasicBuild WP WordPress theme was developed to help make your site faster by using a barebones framework, a little coding and Advanced Custom Fields to easily add your content and images. While initially developed as a light-weight theme for WordPress developers, I have tried to make it useful both for experts and novices alike.

In short, I wanted it to be an easy-to-use theme built to help web developers and WordPress enthusiasts everywhere to make building a website easier.

It works somewhat like a page builder by providing design and feature options, but it does not have performance issues. Performance scores are often 30+ percentage points higher compared to page builder sites I redeveloped using the BasicBuild WP theme.

In part, because the BasicBuild WP theme scripts are only loaded if a specific option is selected. (And there are not a lot of scripts to begin with). Every page builder I have seen, as well as so many “pre-built” themes, often load dozens of scripts – on every page – regardless if required.

The BasicBuild WP theme includes all the code required to build and style page items such as flex columns, carousels, slide shows, masonry layouts, timelines, tabbed content menus, accordion boxes, custom 404 pages, and more. No extra coding is required. Options are available to style elements with each layout.

The theme includes an Advanced Custom Fields Pro JSON file for all the available options. Additional styling and layout options are also available in the global theme options page. The theme also includes SASS files should you want to make styling changes minimized into a single file.

The Basic Build WordPress theme, powered by WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF Pro), and Font Awesome, is easy (and fun) to use.

Developing with the Basic Build WordPress Theme

Using this combination of tools, I have found designing WordPress website much easier to build and it has cut development time to at least half.

So, I have made the BasicBuild WP theme available for purchase for any WordPress developer, WordPress enthusiasts, and WordPress wannabess looking to build WordPress websites effortlessly (and faster) without sacrificing quality and performance. All you need is WordPress, the BasicBuild WP theme, and your Advanced Custom Fields Pro account. The theme includes the appropriate Advanced Custom Fields Pro JSON file for importing into your WordPress installation, allowing all available options to build that ideal, lightweight WordPress website.

It also comes ready to use with Font Awesome icons. Just enter the appropriate icon class names where applicable. If you have a Font Awesome Pro Kit ID, enter the kit number in the theme settings to take advantage of all Font Awesome Pro icons.

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