Hello world!

A “Hello, World!” program is generally a computer program that ignores any input and outputs or displays a message similar to “Hello, World!”. A small piece of code in most general-purpose programming languages, this program is used to illustrate a language’s basic syntax. “Hello, World!” programs are often the first a student learns to write in a given language,[1] and they can also be used as a sanity check to ensure computer software intended to compile or run source code is correctly installed, and that its operator understands how to use it.

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BasicBuild WP is lightweight WordPress theme using Underscores framework. Built on WordPress coding standards and ACF, it allows for pre-built layouts, styling changes and other options. It further provides the ability to add multiple “sections” (a.k.a. row) to a single web page. Each individual section (row) added provides the ability to build and style a specific feature.

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  1. Bert Hixson says:

    On the main settings page of the Advanced Comment Form Plugin, you can start to make the changes you want and start your customization.
    The first section is titled “Fields.” In the “Fields” section, you can remove URL fields and also remove email fields if you so choose.

    You can see each selection is very detailed and tells you exactly what will happen if you click on the relevant check boxes.

    1. Bert Hixson says:

      Reply to a reply

      After installing WordPress, the BasicBuild WP lightweight theme and your Advanced Custom Fields plugin, you will need to import the BasicBuild WP ACF JSON file. The JSON file is what provides all the options to build custom web pages using the BasicBuild WP theme.

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