Lightweight WordPress Theme

Basic Build WordPress Theme: A lightweight WordPress theme for WordPress website developers.
Powered by WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields Pro and Font Awesome.

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lightweight WordPress theme built by Bert Hixson Complete the form below for more information on the Basic Build WordPress theme.

I will be happy to share more details about its use and how to use it. This lightweight WordPress theme is based on a skeleton framework provided by All other code within the theme was developed for displaying options provided by Advanced Custom Fields.

I will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your environment and provide more details.


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You will need to purchase an Advanced Custom Fields Pro license to use this theme. The Basic Build WordPress theme will provide the import JSON file that includes all functions and options need to build that perfect WordPress website.
Perfect! An Advanced Custom Fields Pro account is required. All you will need to do is ensure your license key is applied. Then simply import the ACF json file that is included in the BasicBuild WP theme.